At Anand Pain Relief & Rehabilitation Institute, several events are organized at regular intervals to create health related public awareness as well as to motivate, refresh and rejuvenate our hospital staff who form the core of our team.


    Though acupuncture is one of the oldest healing arts known to man and said to have originated in India, awareness about acupuncture is extremely poor and this makes it an underutilized health system. . 'NATIONAL ACUPUNCTURE DAY' is celebrated to mark the birthday of Dr. B K Basu, father of acupuncture in India. The move to celebrate this day was initiated by the Acupuncture association of India for the very first time this year and the theme was 'Know acupuncture for you'. 'National Acupuncture Day', was celebrated at our hospital on 01.03.2013 to create awareness about acupuncture. It was aimed that these celebrations might give acupuncture its identity by creating awareness and inter-actions amongst acupuncturists may unite them into propagating this ancient science further. Free consultations were provided to 56 patients to mark this day.

    Free Bone Mineral Density (BMD) Camp 2013

    A 'Bone Mineral Density (BMD) Camp' was conducted on 11.01.2013 at the hospital premises to aid in detection of Osteoporosis. This camp was organized to celebrate the World Osteoporosis Day, which is celebrated universally on 20th October every year. The theme for the same in 2012 was 'Love Your Bones'. Contrary to other common diseases that produce distinct symptoms, osteoporosis can exist undetected for a long time before complications occur. Assessment of bone mineral density can aid in detection of this 'silent' disease thereby preventing subsequent complications. Free consultation & BMD estimation were provided to 106 patients who attended this camp.

    Muskaan-Painting Competation for children with cerebral palsy

    Painting is probably one of those distinctive art forms that allow one to express his/her thoughts without restraint and this form of expression is especially beautiful when the painter is a 'special child' who probably finds it difficult to communicate with others. With this novel thought in mind we held a painting competition titled 'Muskaan', for children affected with 'Cerebral Palsy' on 28.12.2012 at the hospital premises. This competition was organized by Govindram Varma Charitable Trust and sponsored by Novartis. Mrs. Vaishali Gore, senior faculty member of a school for special children was invited as the chief guest and judge for the competition. Twenty special children afflicted with Cerebral Palsy took part in this competition and painted not only beautiful pictures but made it a lovely evening for all who were present at the occasion.

    Time Management Workshop

    Staff welfare is an important sphere which is considered an imperative for the growth of any institution. To enhance the morale of our hospital staff and to drive them to work with constant energy and vigour, we regularly arrange welfare programs for the staff. One such program on 'Time Management' was organized at the hospital on 02.10.2012. Speakers were invited from Isckon, Hubli to engage the audience with their motivating and didactic lectures on the topic.

    Interpersonal Relationships Workshop

    A lecture on 'Interpersonal Relationships' was organized for the staff at the hospital on 28.01.2013 as an activity to encourage the staff to infuse a vibrant energy in the work atmosphere in the hospital. Professor Chandrashekhar Dixit, Psychologist was invited to deliver this lecture and instil refreshing and positive attitude towards interpersonal relationships amongst all present.