It is a well known fact that, patients having back pain run from doctor to doctor, until they find someone who can not only provide them relief but in whom they can also develop confidence & faith. Over the last few years, our experience in treating 'Back Pain' has shown us that one of the most effective ways of treating back pain coupled with standard aggressive conservative line of treatment is 'Patient Education'. Educating the patient avoids recurrences and improves the quality of life as well. Keeping this in mind plus the increasing need to keep pace with newer developments, we gave yet another first, this time, not only to Hubli city, but may be to the entire Karnataka State, "Hubli School of BackCare", on Thursday, 15th August, 2002 on our 23rd anniversary.

We were blessed with an overwhelming response and this lead us into adding "knee Care" to our services too. 'Knee Care' was added on the SILVER JUBILEE of the hospital on 15th August 2004.

"Back School" is an Institute wherein total "BACK CARE" is offered beginning from information to treatment. Back School provides basic information about the back and its structure & functions, offers consultation and evaluation of all kinds of back problems, conducts regular workshops & teaches participants how to go about their daily activities while taking care of their backs. Pre-employment screening, Industrial Back School, Ergonomic analysis and consulting services are offered by 'Back School'. The attention is given not only to the 'BACK', but the patient is rehabilitated as a whole which rejuvenates patients whose activity levels have been reduced due to prolonged Back problems. Similar strategies are presented for ailments pertaining to the knee.

The 'BACK SCHOOL' concept first came into existence in Sweden at the "Volvo Automobile Factory" in the late 1960s. At present, there are well over 1000 back schools in the United States. One exists in most of the major American cities. Back Schools may be affiliated with a hospital, back pain clinic, private practice run by a physician or non- profit group / organization.

Although the Back school concept is not new in India, it is not reflected much in practice. Unfortunately the training curriculum of GPs, physicians, and other specialists does not include sufficient deliberations on Back School. There are very few Back schools in India. "Hubli School of Knee & Back Care" laid the first step towards care of back & knee in this part of Karnataka and offers comprehensive conservative BACK CARE of profound standards.