Our Growth Story

Anand Pain Relief and Rehabilitation Institute was established on 15th August 1979, in Hubli, Karnataka, originally under the name Anand Polio and Pain Relief Clinic. On that memorable day, a small milestone was laid down and the institution began its journey towards what has today emerged as a triumphant story of success and humility.

This journey was initiated as a small dream project by Dr. Vinay Varma, the founder of the institution. He was a young and upcoming as well as bright medical practitioner who had numerous options to choose an area of specialization for post graduation following the completion of his graduation as an MBBS doctor. However, despite being a gold medalist at the time, financial constraints restricted him from taking up the subject of his choice for higher studies.

Nevertheless, not the one to bow down to circumstances, Dr Vinay Varma set his heart on pursuing his aspirations, although on a path different from the rest of the medical field. This desire led him into the realm of acupuncture, a branch of alternative medicine that is often poorly understood in the practice of modern medicine. He successfully completed his training in Acupuncture in the year 1983.

Dr. Varma began a humble practice in 1979 in a clinic with a single room. This practice went on to involve a rare but productive and innovative combination of modern medicine and acupuncture, thanks to his substantial knowledge in both. The first decade of practice was mainly centered on the treatment and rehabilitation of children afflicted with polio and allied diseases. Fortunately, aggressive and timely preventive polio eradication programmes all over the nation lead to its almost complete eradication.

The second decade of practice moved on to incorporate and focus on the bane of all human diseases, i.e., 'Pain', thereby mainly aiming at 'Pain Relief'. 'Back Pain' became the core area of treatment and interest at the institute among other ailments. Excellent scientific diagnostic skills coupled with standard conservative as well as aggressive management strategies lead to an overwhelming number of successfully treated cases. Not only this, our individualistic approach towards patiently listening to our patients complaints as well as adequate stress on patient education regarding personal and home care proved extremely useful in all cases.

With the increasing need to expand our services owing to the encouragingly positive patient response, we began yet another first in the city of Hubli and probably Karnataka by establishing 'Hubli School of BackCare' on 15th August 2002.

The steadily growing pace of the practice, institution and rapidly growing number of cases with knee ailments, prompted the institution towards specialized 'Knee Care' based management strategies that were added on 15th August 2004. Coincidentally, this day also commemorated the completion 25 years of flourishing practice at the institution. This resplendent year witnessed the renaming of the institute as 'Anand Pain Relief and Rehabilitation Institute'.

Our hospital has now evolved into a 20 bedded hospital that incorporates ample space for acupuncture, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, therapeutic gymnasium and an orthotics department. A unique blend that caters to patients treatment and rehabilitation needs under one roof. Our hospital believes in not just improving the quality of life but in adding life to years!