A famous Chinese saying goes, 'Ferry all the sufferers drowning in the bitter sea across the shores of happiness so that, humanity is served better'. The very existence of healthcare services and practice relies upon eliminating human suffering. This 'mantra' forms the nucleus of our Vision and Mission. Our Vision aspires to provide treatment that 'Adds Life to Years',which complements our Mission to create a 'Quality Healthcare Support System that Serves Humanity to Relieve Suffering'.

This hospital integrates the ancient art of healing, 'Acupuncture' with mainstream 'Modern Medicine' to provide quality healthcare based on sound scientific principles. Our constant quest for quality and excellence has driven us to devise a unique clinical set up and methodology that has constantly provided us with encouraging results.

We strongly believe in the practice of 'Evidence Based Medicine' and are working in this direction. Our in-depth computer based analysis and video record keeping are one of the aspects of this practice. Patient education in harmony with the standard, aggressive conservative line of treatment is key to the successful management of several ailments.

We believe in the sanctity of human life, and the right of every individual to receive the best possible care and relief from pain. Pain is not something one just has to live with. Pain management should mean more than just giving pills, performing procedures, or providing biofeedback. To us, pain management means more than symptom control, it means restoration of normal function.

Pain can be effectively managed using a holistic approach. This approach is easily attainable when Acupuncture is combined with Modern Medicine, thus adding life to years!