It is rightly said that, "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them" Perhaps it was this courage that nurtured the small practice of Dr. Vinay Varma, the founder of Anand Pain Relief and Rehabilitation Institute, into the reality that has made it an epitome of success today. The Hospital began its journey in 1979 as a small one room clinic that provided only Out Patient services. Following the completion of Dr. Varma's training in acupuncture, the developing clinic turned into an unusual healing centre that combined the principles of modern medicine with acupuncture to provide the best of both to its patients.

Acupuncture, the oldest form of Chinese medicine is still looked upon apprehensively by many and it is often practiced by improperly qualified or trained practitioners. A merger of modern medicine with acupuncture medicine, by a well qualified & trained professional forms an exceptionally useful treatment strategy that can provide outstanding results in numerous ailments. It is this amalgamation that has probably turned that one room clinic into the holistic healing centre that the institute is today.

Anand Pain Relief and Rehabilitation Institute is probably the first and only 20 bedded rehabilitation centre of Karnataka that provides Acupuncture, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Physiatry/PMR) and Modern Medicine all under one roof. The hospital is located in a spacious and calm environment that provides a serene ambience to its patients.

The addition of a well qualified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist (Physiatrist), Dr Anand Varma in 2010 has greatly strengthened the rehabilitation unit of the hospital.

Not only do we aim to treat the suffering patient's body, we believe that it is important to provide tranquility to the patient's mind as well. This is precisely why the hospital bears a homely look and believes in tendering personalized care to each of it patients. Dedicated doctors together with well trained staff form the core of this hospital and ensure its smooth functioning, like a 'well oiled unit' on a daily basis.

Anand Pain Relief and Rehabilitation Institute is a continuously evolving and rapidly growing medical acupuncture and rehabilitation hub, which will continue to expand and provide excellent healthcare services to its patients over the coming decades.