At Anand Pain Relief & Rehabilitation Institute, clinical research is an area of keen interest and is given prime importance. We believe that scientific knowledge is advanced through research activities and not only upgrade the doctors' knowledge from time to time but also enable them to share their views at a common forum and gain experience.

For a detailed list of presentations by our doctors in the Institute, kindly refer to the link on Curriculum Vitae in the website. Several projects are being explored at our hospital currently with an aim of studying and collecting vital scientific data that will finally benefit the scientific community and patients.

A list of successfully concluded as well as ongoing research projects is provided below

  • A study on 'Evidence Based Acupuncture in Back Pain' is being conducted in Anand pain Relief & Rehabilitation Institute. Seventy six patients were selected for this study and are being evaluated. This study is currently ongoing at our hospital and one part of the project has been completed and presented at the ICMART World Congress On Medical Accupunture, International Conference in Netherlands in 2011.
  • A study on "Musculoskeletal High Resolution Ultra Sonography in Acupuncture Practice" was carried out at Anand pain relief & Rehabilitation Institute, Hubli. Sixty patients presenting with Knee / shoulder pain, were included in this study. The study aimed to generate preliminary data and clinical evidence to support the role of acupuncture in musculoskeletal disorders. The study also sought to instill a positive attitude amongst medical professionals and the general public about the clinical outcome with acupuncture. The study found that HRUSG is a valuable diagnostic method in the confirmation of synovitis and/or the inflammatory episode in spite of the absence of obvious clinical parameters. It also showed that in advanced osteoarthritis, where inflammatory episodes are expected findings, the early confirmation of the inflammation may be particularly valuable in the clinical setting.
  • An extremely promising project was carried out at Anand Pain Relief and Rehabilitation in collaboration with the Henry Ford Health system, USA to assess the role of Acupuncture in chronic arthropathy in Hemophilia. Anand pain Relief & Rehabilitation Institute was selected for this study by the Henry Ford Health System who visited our hospital on 06.08.2007. The team from Henry Ford Health System comprised of Mr. Beth Kohn-Converse and Mrs. Angela Lambing along with Dr. Suresh Hanagavadi, the president of the Hemophilia Society, Davangere, Karnataka. The objectives of the study were to document a decrease in hemarthritic joint pain post acupuncture treatments and to prove minimal bleeding risk during acupuncture. A total of 36 patients were selected for this study. Acupuncture therapy was given to patients twice per week for 4 weeks followed by once a week for remaining 6 weeks. The study concluded that although, acupuncture may provide some benefit to chronic pain patients with hemophilia in a multimodal approach, larger randomized studies were needed. This study was published in Hemophilia journal (Use of acupuncture in the management of chronic haemophilia pain, A. LAMBING, B. KOHN-CONVERSE, S. HANAGAVADI and V. VARMA, Haemophilia 2011, 1-5)